Church History

History and beliefs

Who We Are 


Mount Pisgah Baptist Church was constituted as the church of Yates Meeting House on August 26, 1814.  In 1818 the name was changed to Mount Pisgah.  The church has occupied four buildings; the present sanctuary was erected in 1951 under the pastorate of C. E. Byrd.

There were 15 male and 21 female charter members of the church.  These members were very much concerned with church unity and discipline, as shown by the peace, fellowship and union in the church.

In 1850 a Sunday School was established.  During its early days, the church only met one Sunday a month, but in 1882 the church decided to meet twice a month.  The church was very evangelistic, as was demonstrated by large numbers of people being baptized.  In 1857 the church had a membership of 297. 

Many men from this church have been called into the ministry; the best known being Matthew T. Yates, North Carolina�s Pioneer Missionary to China.  Many others from here, have been called to places of service and ministry throughout the body of Christ over the years.


Our vision as a body of believers in Jesus Christ, is to love God and get to know Him, as well as love others as He does, and help them become devoted followers (apprentices), of Jesus Christ.

We want to be a community where love, acceptance and forgiveness flow like a river, as well as a place where people can connect with God, with each other, and with opportunities to make a difference in our changing world.

We are committed to helping people live life to the full.  As Saint Irenaeus said, The glory of God is man fully alive.